Friday, 26 July 2013

Hiatus From YouTube

I've been producing videos on my YouTube channel: comicconreviews for about 10 months and have decided now is the best time to go on a hiatus. I have plans for what I would like to do with my videos in the long term, and my plans basically require me to spend more time and put more money into video production to improve my video quality and further carve out my niche'.

However I have to be practical my videos simply aren't bringing in the views I need to upgrade equipment and make the time investment I believe would be needed to produce my show at a higher quality.

I will continue to make plans for future video production and do my best to continue promoting my existing content until my views allow me bring in the funding I need to make my show at the quality level I wish for it be at. 


As I'm not always signed into my YouTube account then for future reference the best place to contact me is via my fan page on Facebook